Special wine massage and peeling with grapes

The harmony of body and mind can be hardly achieved without the sensible hands of qualified professionals. We offer exclusive treatments with grape cosmetics and thus guarantee the highest quality and unlimited well being. 
Just lean back and enjoy!

Wine peeling therapy

Grapes and wine contain more than 1,000 ingredients, including substances that are invaluable to your skin: vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and fruit acids, all of which effectively counteract the signs of ageing and sooth the skin. Wine peeling removes dead skin from surface, cleans and nourishes skin and prepare it for further treatment.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price of treatment: 40€


Prestige wine massage with grapes

The oil of grape seeds contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamin E and flavonoids. It stimulates regeneration and rejuvenates the skin, maintain the natural level of moisture, keeps the fine structure of the epidermis, and protects the skin from aging and stressful environmental factors. After the massage, the skin is soft, smooth, tensed and silky on the touch.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price of treatment: 50€

Duration: 60 minutes
Price of treatment: 80€

Luxury massage with gold

Luxury massage with gold or gold massage is a relaxing massage that includes body and face massage. Due to the rich ingredients and pure 24-carat gold, the skin becomes silky soft and gives a beautiful shine.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price of treatment: 60€

Duration: 60 minutes
Price of treatment: 100€

Elixir of youth

Wellness face care with grape and sparkling wine extract to effectively fight skin ageing. In combination with prestige mask with sparkling wine encourages skin renewal, restores its natural hydro-lipid balance and has an antioxidant effect. For all skin types.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price of treatment: 80€

Luxury gold package for two

The Luxury Gold Package includes pampering in a VIP wellness, where you can relax in a Finnish, Turkish, infrared, and bio herbal sauna. There is also a Jacuzzi, a cold plunge pool and a place to rest, where you can refresh yourself with tea, water, fruit and canapés. There we have also prepared a special surprise for you – sparkling wine with real 24-carat gold flakes. Our therapists will be waiting for you after the sauna and treat you with a massage. The Gold massage is a relaxing full body and facial massage. The rich ingredients and 24-carat gold will make your skin silky soft and give it a beautiful glow.

Duration: 240 minutes
Price of treatment: 299€

Duration: 150 minutes
Price of treatment: 199€

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