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04. October 2017
The sound of the wind, chirping birds, rippling water.. It´s a paradise!

Tree houses, bamboo huts, glamping tents & co. in a wonderful nature are my personal holiday paradise.
And that is why I checked in at the new Glamping-Resort Chateau Ramsak near Maribor in Slovenia!
And finally, once again I take a deeeep breath!

The sound of the wind, chirping birds, rippling water – all these wonderfully soothing noises tickle gently in my ear when I close my eyes in the evening at the Glamping Chateau Ramsak.
And they are still there when I start recovering the next day.
Sound´s nice? It´s a paradise!

Six luxurious Glamping tents (2 or 4 persons), a majestic tree house, wooden paths and bridges, a natural pond, the dreamy country castle – the Wineyard Glamping Chateau Ramsak
 in the lush green vineyards near Maribor in Slovenia is small, fine and without question a green holiday paradise, an elegant Slow-Life paradise.
Because it combines almost everything I see right now: lots of fresh air to finally breathe again, uncomplicated atmosphere, an extra portion Slow Life and nature, nature, nature! More "GREEN"-style I couldn´t wish for.

First official act: Lounger. To look around. Close your eyes. Inhale and arrive. Second official act: Open your eyes and realize that I am really here. Fantastic, but pleasing not just a dream. And then? Open the suitcase, bikini out and down into the quiet bubbling, wonderfully warm jacuzzi. The sun tickles gently on my shoulders. The cold white wine waits on the table. Pure relaxation.

This is how relaxation feels

glamping slovenia chateau ramsak

And the dream is not over. This is followed by an invigorating power-nap in the lounger, a few pages in my book, which I could not finish for much too long. Gorgeous doing nothing, enjoy the sun, recharge your batteries. After just two hours, I am restored. Like New born. And full of action. Finally, the green oasis has yet to be explored. Excursions to the eco pond, the vineyards and finally to the city, because doing nothing makes surprisingly hungry. And quickly back again. Because the wonderful tent lures with its porch, the jacuzzi, the rest.

After a few hours I am like newborn

glamping slovenia chateau ramsak

With a glass of wine on the terrace, a wonderful day comes to an end. To listen? Nothing. To see? The delicate glow of the countless lanterns that illuminate the wooden steps and my porch so romantically and are lit every evening by hand. And just before going to sleep, I discover, even at dusk, the deer that lived here for ages.

Can one start a day better than with a full, veeeerry relaxed breakfast? You can. If it is on the wooden veranda of the own Glamping-tent with a view of the nature. And at the Chateau Ramsak every the day begins with a rich breakfast from the region– delivered to your own veranda. As a classic, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free variant.

Perfect start into every day: the wonderfully regional breakfast

glamping slovenia chateau ramsak

More about Mirjam`s stay at us here.

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