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Dream big never stop about us

27. September 2017
It's a paradise where you can find peace and serenity in totally comfort style.

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramsak

I recently visited Chateau Resort, luxury glamping tents perfect for a gorgeous getaway that`s close to nature. The whole resort looks like a fairytale and offers you more than you expect. Here you can connect with nature and escape the urban life with plenty of amenities to make you comfortable. It is perfect for those who love outdoors activity and for all who want to be awakened by sunlight and bird singing. It is really relaxing paradise where you can find peace and serenity in totally comfort and style.

The best time to take a getaway to Maribor, Slovenia next to summer is certainly fall. Autumn brings about harvest season, giving glampers the unique experience of not only getting to tour nearby vineyards and go on wine tastings, but to also witness firsthand how delectable beverage they`re drinking is made. 
The Chateau resort boasts its own wine cellar and the largest wine press in Europe. Here you can experience the true tradition of Slovenia in a green friendly paradise.

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramsak

This property is a hidden gem set on a vineyard and located near the city of Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia. This countryside destination is made up of lush, rolling hills covered in scenic vineyards and set along the Drava river. When you reach Chateau vineyard glamping resort you feel like being in another world! The location of the resort could hardly be any better.

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramsak

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramsak

Stunning glamping tents, welcome you with a refined and stylish simple décor, inspired by their warm and welcoming architecture and furnishing. They exude a charming tranquillity for a chic holiday, for just the two of you or for the whole family. 
Our glamorous tent  was a smaller for 2 person with a nice terrace and resort view. We really loved our stay there. 

The tents are fully equiped:

-    Bathroom
-    French bed
-    TV
-    AC/heating
-    Terrace
-    Jacuzzi

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramsak

The food at the resort is simply excellent! We booked a “bed and breakfast“ so we got spoiled in the morning. The selection was huge and there are a lot of healthy food options available. We really enjoyed having great breakfast on our beautiful terrace and Chateau glamping resort did an amazing job!

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramsak

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramska

I`d recommend Chateau Glamping Resort to families, friends and to all pairs. It`s perfect for romantic getaway! Glamping brings the world of luxury into nature in the most seamless way possible. Environment enables you to find the relaxation and tranquility you need. This place  offers you luxury on every level in a healing, healthy and unspoilt enviroment. It`s place to soothe the soul.

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramsak

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramsak

In town, guests will have magnificent, Renaissance-style monuments, as well as beautiful 15th and 16th century architecture, which can be spotted along the Drava river. Guests will marvel at the Maribor Castle and enjoy visits to Pyramid Hill—offering glorious panoramic views of Maribor. 

Definitely you should visit Maribor's 400-year-old vine and Slovenian viniculture at Old Vine House, where you can taste local wine from its enormous collection. Also, here in marvelous potter`s center you can buy unique souvenir - sheet of old vine.

glamping hiške slovenia chateau ramsak

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