For lovers of nature, luxury, and wine, we present a new story.
Glamping Chateau Ramšak invites you to a hidden gem in one of the most beautiful and untainted parts of Slovenia. Fifteen hectares, stretching from the rolling green hills to our own vineyards. With its exceptional location in the middle of Štajerska region vineyards and only a moment away from the beautiful city of Maribor, glamping vineyard present a truly authentic Slovenia. 



More than two centuries after its creation, we have preserved this valuable heritage by turning Chateau into a symbol of the art of living. Taste our quality wines near the natural pond overlooking our vineyards, where you can enjoy romantic atmosphere in the open air, or see the biggest otherwise inoperative wine press in Europe, to make your experience of the Slovenia wine region truly memorable.

Chateau Ramsak Jost Gantar (87) Our own vineyard and wine tasting
Chateau Ramsak Jost Gantar (125) RELAX BY THE NATURAL POND
Chateau Ramsak Jost Gantar (36) The largest wine press in Europe

Glamping Chateau Ramšak

Vineyard Glamping

The new glamping resort, located in the picturesque wine region of Štajerska, with thoughtfully designed tents, a tree house, a wonderful view of the vineyard, relaxing in a small bar by a natural pond, or tasting the wines of the Ramšak Estate. 

The Chateau resort boasts its own wine cellar and the largest wine press in Europe. We invite you to experience the traditions of the real Slovenia, for a memorable stay in a friendly paradise.


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